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Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

Small jobs like flat fixes, brake adjustments, and wheel replacement can usually be done same-day, without an appointment. If you have a narrow time frame, please call ahead to let us know you’re coming! We can try to turn these small jobs around in an hour or less. This may not apply in the final hour before closing or on weekends.

With an appointment, larger jobs can be done same-day. We understand that, like us, many of our customers use their bicycle as a primary mode of transportation, and we are proud to offer same-day service. During peak season, the next available appointment for a larger job may be as a few business days out. Please plan ahead by calling or visiting our stores.

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Learn more about our packages and visit us today for your free estimate.

Not sure what your bike needs? Estimates are always free. Bring your bike in any time or give us a call to set up at appointment.

Minor Tune


A great option for a bike that’s been in storage for a while or a new-to-you bike that could use a professional once-over. This service includes checking bearing tension, truing both wheels, adjusting brakes and derailleurs, checking torque spec on all fittings, and some cleaning.

Major Tune


For bikes that get ridden regularly, particularly in foul weather, and need parts replaced, the Major Tune is a smart annual service. It includes everything in the Minor, as well as a removal and deep clean of the drivetrain (cranks, chain, cassette), the additional labor for installing replacement parts (cables, housing), and a more thorough cleaning of the frame while it’s stripped.



For bikes in need of restoration, super-high-mileage bikes, or for migrating components from one frame to another, an Overhaul includes everything in a Major Tune as well as the disassembly, cleaning, and re-assembly of all bearing systems (hubs, headset, bottom bracket).

Mountain Bike Service

Suspension Fork


 Includes an oil change as well as the labor to replace seals and wipers. Figure about $35 for parts and another five bucks for oil.

Rear Shock


Includes removal, cleaning, and the labor to replace O-rings. Figure about twenty bucks for parts.

Volume Spacer Install


We have volume spacers for Fox and RockShox air forks and rear shocks to fine tune your suspension’s performance. These can be installed independently from performing other suspension services. Parts are just a few bucks.

Clutch Service


Shimano clutch-type rear derailleurs need to be adjusted periodically. Performing this services ensures the best chain tension, smooth shifting, and prevents chainsuck and droppage.

Small Jobs

Flat Fix


($15-$25 for hub-driven e-bikes, Dutch bikes, and internally geared bikes). This does not include the cost of an inner tube; most tubes are between eight and ten dollars, depending on size and valve type. We do endorse the practice of patching tube; we sell patch kits for two dollars, individual patches for thirty cents, and tubes of vulcanizing fluid for three dollars. However, we do not offer patching as a service (and even if we did, it would cost more than a tube). Most flats can be fixed by cleaning the tire and installing a new tube, sometimes we also need to replace other things like your tire (options start around $20), rim tape (six dollars), or a rubber rim strip (just a buck).

Brake Adjust or Pad Replacement

$10 - $20

Price is for labor only, per wheel. Rates vary based on brake system type (Caliper, linear-pull, cantilever, disc). Bear in mind that sometimes brake problems go beyond the pad, like issues with hubs and spokes and cables and housing. (Oh my!) Brake pads start at $6/wheel for rim brakes and $14/wheel for discs.

Bearing Adjust

$12 - $18

To extend the lifetime of your bicycle’s components (and your own), bearing systems (headset, hubs, bottom bracket) must be at the proper tension. This is not a simple torquing of bolts, but a precision threshold adjustment that often requires special tools and experience.

Wheel True or Spoke Adjustment

$18 - $28

The laws of the universe dictate that, occasionally, through no fault of your own, you will lose a sock, forget somebody’s birthday, or break a spoke. While we can’t help with the first two, we can with the latter. Spokes start at $1. If you’ve broken more than three spokes, or if your rim is bent, we recommend replacing or re-lacing the wheel (see wheel building, below).

Wheel Build


Are you a heavier rider? Worn out brake track on your rim? Upgrading to a dynamo? Need a bomb-proof wheelset for your touring rig? Have a set of Campy sheriff-stars laced up in tubular hoops that you want strung up to clinchers? No machine-built wheel can compare to the durability or custom options we offer in hand-build wheels. Let us help you choose the perfect hub, spokes, and rim for your needs and bring it up to perfect tension, and we’ll guarantee our build with free truing and spoke replacement for the life of the wheel.

Assembly or Box for Shipping


Order your bike online? Manufacturers require professional assembly for their warranties to be valid. Buy it at a department store? Few (if any) are assembled correctly, shortening the bike’s life and making it a chore to ride. Mailing to or from another place? Travel logistics are complex enough, even without the chore of boxing/unboxing a bike yourself. Whatever the case, we’re here to help! Call ahead to arrange delivery directly to or from our stores.

Custom Fender Install

$25 - $60

Need to squeeze fenders on your road bike? Trying to commute on your 29’er, but it doesn’t have eyelets? We have all the adapters and know all the tricks for making any bicycle “Oregon-friendly.”

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.