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Jeff Reynolds 

Store Manager, Lead Technician, Dirt Wizard

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Jeff joined us in 2015 when he and his wife moved from San Diego to Eugene “because there’s trees and water here.” As our top mechanic and store manager, Jeff has many certifications, including everything Shimano, Fox, and Avid, and has worked in every kind of bike shop, from beach-side cruiser to triathlete-specific, back when he was in San Diego.

Jeff rides a Trek Roscoe, Fuel EX 9.8, Checkpoint SL6, and a Surly Bridge Club. An accomplished photographer, Jeff studied photography at San Diego Community College. See Jeff’s art on Instagram.

Chris Norton

Alder St. Store Manager

Alder Shop (541) 342-6155

Chris started working as a part-time employee at Paul’s while still a student at the U. of O. and a star on the championship U. of O. women’s ultimate frisbee team. Like every Paul’s senior staff member, Chris is an expert mechanic and a practitioner of the Bicycle Way of Life.

Matt Ritzow

Partner Owner, General Manager

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

When he isn’t overseeing the operations of the Paul’s empire, Matt enjoys collecting pictures of himself holding large fish that he has caught (or so he claims). He also releases all of the large fish that he allegedly catches so we have yet to see proof that he isn’t merely taking pictures of the same plastic fish in different exotic locations.

In addition to his fishing delusions, Matt for many years has been one of Oregon’s premier road racers. If you need advice about road bikes, road racing, racing tactics, the racing scene, etc. talk to Matt, whose expertise in this area is real, unlike the fish.

By the way, Matt’s father owned a bicycle shop, so he has been in the bike business since he was old enough to hold a wrench (age 3). Matt has been a key staff member at Bicycle Way of Life for over 29 years.

Matt rides a Madone 6.5, Trek Fuel EX9, and commutes daily on his Crockett.

Favorite Ride: to the nearest drift boat or fishing hole.

View Matt’s race photos on Google+

Tim Burkett 

Sales and Service

Alder Shop (541) 342-6155

Tim wandered up from Medford OR and ended up in Eugene with his beautiful wife Kira and two little girls Johnni and Ryon. He enjoys most if not all activities outdoors such as: biking, hiking, camping, BBQ’n, playing at the park, frisbee, just plain having a good time with family and friends. At this point in time Tim rides a Raleigh Detour 5.5 with multiple upgraded/customized parts and he can’t wait to add more bikes to the collection. He definitely looks forward to being part of a crew that has so much to offer in and out of the shop.

Virginia Xing

Partner Owner, Accounting, BWOL Team Manager 


Those of you who have been with the company for a few years will not have forgotten Virginia Xing, our former ferocious office manager. Virginia is back again as our new performance analyst. Virginia moved back from Taiwan in March, 2011. She is sure to put the fear of Virginia back in your hearts so that no one will dare do his or her job less than perfectly.

On the other hand, Virginia is also actively involved in our community outreach program where she is busy inserting love of Bicycle Way of Life in the hearts of local cyclists in the area. Perfect balance!

Virginia rides Trek Emonda SLR 7, Trek Top Fuel EX 9.9 X01 full suspension mountain bike, and Trek Checkpoint sl 6 gravel bike. On top of road riding and racing, she also started her cyclocross racing season in 2012 and her passion for mountain biking in 2013. Virginia could be found at the Alder Street store Thursday mornings and our downtown Charnelton Street store Thursday afternoons.

BWOL Racing Team on Facebook

Chance Corbin-Taylor

Lead Mechanic and Sales

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Growing up in Springfield, OR, Chance spent way too many hours at the local skatepark riding BMX Freestyle after learning about riding through a video game. While learning how to fix him and his friends' bikes through necessity to keep the sessions going, he picked up a few skills that lead him to landing a job in a local bike shop after a few years. That connection helped him discover new joys in mountain and road bike riding, as well a plethora of bicycle knowledge.10 years later, with coffee in hand, he's actively seeking out the newest tech and finding ways to get faster on the bike. Having certifications from industry partners such as Trek, Shimano, Specialized, and Giant, your bike will be in good hands.

Jeremy Mostert

 Sales and Service
Alder Shop  (541)-342-6155

Isaac Navarro

Sales, Service and Mediocre Bike Polo Player

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Isaac can be found at the downtown shop most days or playing bike polo every Thursday underneath the Washington Jefferson bridge at 6:30pm. If you're lucky you might find him putzing around on his Chromag Wideangle tasting dirt. 

Willow Holton

 Assistant to the Regional Manager

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Ivan Hess

Sales and Service

Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

After Ivan finished taking the professional repair and shop operation class at United Bicycle Institute in Ashland Or, he moved to Eugene in search of employment. Now he’s taking classes at LCC for product design while enjoying his love of bikes at BWOL. When he isn’t hitting the trails, you can find him at the rock climbing gym or practicing his amateur photography around town.

Nick Keane

Sales and Service

Alder Shop (541) 342-6155